Questioning if MCA (Motor Club of America) is a “scam” in 2017? Well..

You received info on Motor Club of America (MCA) and perceived it as a scam… and immediately went to Google

Chances are…

“You’re smart..”

“You’re loyal..” – As DJ Khalid would say.

(Give yourself a pat on your back because you’re someone that actually look up information before you join.)


Can you trust Motor Club of America?..” – You ask.

Hmmm, good question.


Hold that thought right quick and watch this video.



Okay, where were we?

Oh yeah, Good question..

But, here’s an even doper (I know spelling guru’s, I know..) question:

Does Better Business Bureau accreditation help prove the validity of a business?

Cause…. here’s what I found out, and no one’s mentioned it yet..

(Right click this into the next tab in your browser...this will only allow you to stay on this page to continue to read. The link is just proof of BBB accreditation---so don't get scared, you're not buying anything yet silly.)

I guess I could say...

No, it isn’t a scam and I’m sure this isn’t enough validation for you.

But, let’s be honest—that’s not why you’re here.

You’re here because of your curiosity, that’s it.

So you decided to go through numerous blogs and videos on Google,

and haven’t just clicked this, yet.

I get it. Honestly.

See: there’s this answer you’re looking for….and haven’t yet found it.

And even if you’ve found your answer, it doesn’t matter because you’re still looking.

Didn’t that last sentence just resonate with your insides?

Aha, I know. I'm sorry.

Don’t be ashamed, though.

That’s what we all do when we’re interested subconsciously.

Negative Connotations:

Demographics doesn’t lie. 

I’ll be blunt here: with everything, that blacks flourish in…It seems as if it always has a negative connotation to it.

MCA has a negative connotation attached to it, just as BET does to television.

Just as they associate Africa with being poor, but secretly has the richest resources.

Just as our well established HBCU’s in America are associated with being the colleges with the most STD infested.

That’s where all the negativity comes from....bad word of mouth and demographics. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's true.

I'm being honest--Future voice.

Well, since we're talking about the bad stuff...

Here's the cons of the company..


--"Flip 40 into THOUSANDS" - is what they tell you. (This could be true, and this could also be false; it depends on the individual. But, it's also misleading and it exploits the company for what it actually is.)
—There’s “spammy” reps who spit all over their newsfeed with their links desperately hoping for a sign up. (They won’t receive any sales but pretend to.)
—You’ll receive a chargeback, if someone who sign up under you doesn’t stay within a subjected period.(It’s like that 90 day thing at your job; if you call off within 90 days, you’re fired.)
—You’re looked down upon by people who never understood the product. (As bad as black on black crime, no one likes to see people succeed..)
—Just as accreditation with BBB took several years, success can be subtle also; Good things takes time.
—You don’t get paid quickly if someone signs up under you with a bank draft or prepaid card. (We all know bank drafts takes 3 or more business days, that’s with everything. And Uber doesn’t take prepaid either. Next!)
—There’s no base pay.
—There's like a million websites that portrays itself as Motor Club of America's main website. Don't get confused.
—The back office looks like you transported back to year 1998. Seriously.
--Chargeback is accumulated once someone under joins then quits within a period.
--You’re labeled as an scammer because of the recent exploitation of MCA throughout social media over the years.


—It’s accredited with Better Business Bureau—this evolved into a process that took years because sometimes gaining trust is subtle. It never happens over night.. ask your best friend.
—It offers direct deposit.
—You’re paid weekly.
—It comes with various benefits. (I’m sure you know about these already, since you're such an researcher.)
—You’ll receive a benefit card in the mail, so don't provide any pseudo-mailing addresses.
—100% commissions (This doesn’t come often)

Products (Just listed a few, I got lil’ lazy didn’t feel like them writing all)

- 24.7 Unlimited Roadside Assistance (Within 100 miles) (I tested this, it works)
- 24.7 Unlimited Emergency Medical Assistance (I haven’t tested this)
- Emergency Bail Bond Assistance (Haven’t tested this either)
- Credit Card Protection (Damages cannot exceed 1,000) (Haven’t been this gullible to test this, sorry Instagram bank scammers)
- Stolen Vehicle Reward (Never gotten my vehicle stolen to test this, let's not jinx this..)
- And More!


There's three tiers of payment methods: Total, Security Plus, and Total Security.

Total Security - 9.95/monthly (19.95 first initial fee)
Security Plus -  14.95/monthly (29.95 first initial fee)
Total Security - 19.95/monthly (39.95 first initial fee)

Why do you have to pay to get into a business?

Stop asking me all these good questions. Geez.

But, I'll tell you..

I asked the same thing back in 2010, when I had to pay to walk across a stage for graduation. Since then, everything occurred to me as a business. And education is the biggest one there is.

Oh yeah, and I had to pay for my cap and gown too. Then I also realized that nothing in life is free.

Sucks, don't it? It does.

But.. on a serious note..

You're only paying for the membership; within the membership, the fee applies to whichever best resonates with you and your situation.

Perhaps, you want just the benefits so you just pay for the "Security"..

Or you might just want to become an affiliate so you pay for the "Total Security.."

This is something that you have to ask yourself.

Anyways, I'm not here to convince you...the answer relies on your mindset. Do your due diligence.

Well, Cee's out...