(Motor Club of America Scam) – Problem Solved Finally.


Your problem is not Motor Club of America being a scam

Your problem is the money, and you’re also questioning could you potentially invest in the company without you losing your last..

I feel you.

You’ve probably boasted to your family and friends that you were going to buy that black on black Camaro, only to go back to working that 9 to 5 that you really hate… being embarrassed…and deactivating your Facebook because the struggle is real.

Before you rationalize your problems with your past situation regarding the money you lost few years ago..

Let me tell you this:

You only didn’t make money in other companies because people don’t know you.

The famous Grant Condone, once said your only problem is obscurity.

What the hell is that?


Who’s going to buy from someone they don’t know..

Absolutely no one.

Our mothers always have told us to not accept candy from strangers…

See where the programming comes from…


So regardless of what company you’re in, you’re not going to make consistent money from being a loner.

How do you break this problem:

It’s simple.

  1. Be on top of people’s mindsets. (from when they wake up, until they go to sleep)
  2. Be everywhere.
  3. Prove that you’re dominant in what you’re doing.
  4. Stay updated. (Email marketing, video blogging, blogging, etc.)
  5. Never ever do the minimum when you expect to get paid the maximum. (Talking to random people on Facebook is not enough, because they don't know who you are.)

Then the sales will flourish in.

  • The main objective is to make people hate seeing you all the time.
  • The main objective is to also become so accessible that people have no choice but to listen to what you offer.

Ask yourself this...

"Am I in front of ''the right" people—where they can see me consistently?"

If you answered no... then you should strongly consider doing so.

Your job is to be a celebrity in your business. And with success comes with attention.. you need it.

It's either be the Tai Lopez of your business or forget about it.. (well, of course it's other options too.. but we like to roll big here)

Here's what you should do...


  1. Be first page of Google material---I'm found in Google's search engine. (My main post is optimized around specific keywords, and it's on its way to the first page. I've done this numerous of times and it gets a lot of traffic. People's signups literally get effortlessly stolen by just being accessible and seen frequently.)
  2. Utilize Youtube. 
  3. Be attractive with value.
  4. Steal your competition's sign ups by being seen daily. (I'm giving you free game, take it.)


Once again, I'm signing out.






"Many see, but few observe. Many hear, but few listen"