Motor Club of America – Why Most Won’t Make Money

You’re probably doing a lot of lurking being extra curious right now, before you stick your feet in the water with this Motor Club of America business.

Well, before you get your hopes up.

I’ll be the first to tell you that..

What you’re thinking is definitely true, most won’t make money.

In fact, most won’t make money in any online company that allows a business opportunity.


People join companies like this just because:

  • It’s trending (Everyone’s doing it.)
  • They’re curious (They’ll pay the fee to see if it works, then stop.)
  • They’re doing it for a quick fix.
  • They want to dodge their salesman.

And quick fixing won’t work because with a self-benefiting mindset you won’t attract a business flow of customers.

It’s science.

Here’s what business oriented people do, what others won’t:

They have an email list for their prospects.

If you’re really observant, you know that every real company you’ve done business with has an email list. They’ll email you so much, it’ll be annoying. “Spam!”—is what you tell yourself.

Here’s an example:

While Tai Lopez isn’t a business itself, he’s business oriented look at what he does:

They don’t chase:

They don’t chase because they know you’re interested in some shape or form. They know eventually you’ll come to them, so their job is to be right where you see them. Which brings me to say..

They’re everywhere:

And when I say they’re everywhere, I mean everywhere.

Have you ever went online prospecting for some new stuff to buy and suddenly you see the ad on what you forgot to buy on Facebook…

Self explanatory?

Were they stalking you?

Nope. They just know how to market to people already interested.

Remember when I mentioned Tai Lopez earlier? If you know him, you know he’s everywhere. You could usually see him, trying to dodge a Youtube Ad.

“Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini..”

….Skip and play my video already (is what you’re telling yourself)

While I just told you the nuggets of the guru’s emulating businesses and businesses itself, you should know now what not to do.

That is:

  • Not be seen or not be everywhere
  • Not have an email list.
  • Chase prospects (Facebook messaging random people, annoying your friends and family, knocking on doors, etc.)

Now you know what not to do and what to do, so go out and do it.

You should be questioning, “How do you do it?” now…

Take care.