Do This: Next Time Someone Tells You To Flip 40$…

Next time someone tells you to flip 40(The common misnomer people misconstrue MCA with being a scam)

Don’t take them seriously.


You’re saving yourself time from investing into a sleeeeeezy marketer who just wants to get the buck…..skrrrt off with your commission.

Skrrrrt. Skrrrt.

Sure, you’ll be buying the benefits of MCA’s products, but if you’re trying to get into marketing Motor Club of America..

You want to think twice about investing your money into someone that tells you that spammy line…”Flip 40 into thousands

Why are you wasting your time?

  • This person obviously doesn’t know a better method of getting commissions with the way he/she approached you and you’re soon to be doing the same thing. (It’s a vicious cycle which is how Motor Club of America got exploited for negativity.)
  • Reps usually recruit people with no selling capability and experience and the least you would like to do is say “Flip 40…
  • You’re learning nothing but scripts and copy paste images to duplicate on social media.
  • It’s more lucrative methods out there, that won’t allow you to chase or call prospects.
  • It’s “Do it 4 you” systems out there that alleviates the pain of you going out there looking stupid.
  • You’re feel relieved once you learn them. (if you’re introverted, like me)
  • You won’t make your family/friends uncomfortable thinking you’re about to pitch them, when you can pitch people that’s already interested in what you have. Just pick the latter.

I’ll give you the hint where I’m going, and you’re looking at it…right now.


It’s this blog, right here.

It’s the money grabber.

This is what it does:

-Captures amusement from readers.
-Reader puts in their email.
-Then the sale happens.

I know..

“Damn, like that?”


I’ll show you. And you don’t have to go anywhere but stay on this page to see how it works.

Oh yeah, it’s free too. Don’t worry about pulling out your credit card. (Put that away)

STEP ONE: You need this.. (A Blog)


I prefer Tumblr, Weebly, or WordPress.

Why? Because they have excellent page rank within Google's algorithm. If you know anything about Google, it ranks off of respect once you have respect you'll rank well so don't worry about going to get a hosting site (making your own website) when you can just use a free one with great quality page rank.

You could buy an url, which is different from hosting.. (or just simply use tumblr's)

(Example: If you use your own it would say versus it saying

Then point your url to your Tumblr, Weebly, or WordPress.

If you would like to use your website rather than the original Tumblr website, I'll show you right before we jump into the bigger stuff.

Google, "99 cent go daddy"

...yes, it's 99 cent.

Do this... (click add to cart, and yes I saved you nearly 15$)


-Click the orange button that says continue to cart.
-Then click "no thanks" where they try to up sale you on things like privacy, and etc.
-Click "continue with these options."

If you're on the right track, it should take you to a page like the picture above.

-Click "1 year" instead of 2 years.
-Click "Register."
-Enter your credentials to the website. (Remember this information)

To point your website your Tumblr, follow these directions here.

Now that the website is done...


STEP TWO: You Need a Product To Sell..

(I'm assuming you have this already, if not go here. Get plugged in then comeback to this blog.)

STEP THREE: You Need Keywords

You can't just blog with out intent and expect to get views. Because you wont.
You must have an intent with any blog that you post or else you wouldn't get any visitors.

To set an intention, first you would have to know how many visitors you would want to visit your website.

I use Google's Keyword Tool to help set this intention. Go here, to view this. (Sign in to your Google account; if you don't have one get one, it's free.)

What I do:

  1. -Is try to aim for keywords people are actively searching that get's people to buy effortlessly.
    -I aim for keywords that has at least 1000 searches a month or better, with low competition.

The keywords I chose were "mca scam" and it get's approximately 10,000 searches a month. That's over 300 visitors a day, if you're on the first page of Google. If you're not, then God bless.

Here's example keywords you could go ahead and choose: (depending what niche you're marketing to)

If I'm planning to help those who need insurance, etc then I would aim for what they are looking for in Google:

"...Alternative to Geico

"...Alternative to Statefarm.."

"What's the best auto insurance.."

Again, these are examples that you could put into Google's keyword tool and see how many searches they get a month, and tap into that traffic by using the keywords you've searched for in your Blog post. As you could see, I chose "mca scam"

Step Four: Apply Those Keywords to your Blog Post.


What you want to do is...

Optimize those keywords into your blog post. (Can't you see that I did this above in the picture?)

You could do this by:

...Putting your keywords in the title of the blog post.
...Putting it in your first sentence of your blog post..
...Saving your images as the keywords that you're going to embed in the blog post.
...Making a video surrounding the keywords in the blog post.
...Putting the keywords in the last sentence in the blog post.

(Do this, but don't make it look like spam, so vary the keywords)

This could help you rank well, especially if you're using sites  WordPress, Tumblr, and Weebly. But, on a new site it'll take some weeks to do because it has no respect with Google.

Step Five: You Need Backlinks...

Here's the tricky part.

But if you stay tuned and watch closely what I'm doing you could be ranking the first page like me. And this is where you need to click this, because I'll show you how to do this in this free video.